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Just For Fun

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  1. Adventures

  2. Games

  3. Projects

  1. Email Pals for Classrooms (ePALS Classroom Exchange)
      "ePALS connects students and teachers from different countries on joint projects pertaining to curriculum and culture via the Internet. ePALS is available in English, French and Spanish."

  2. Kids Chat - (iSafe Kidz)

  3. KidsCom

  1. A Girl's World Clubhouse (Willson)

  2. Ben and Jerry's Fun Stuff
      Provides games and activities for kids.

  3. Billy Bear's Playground
      Provides games and activities for kids.

  4. Directory of Sites by Subject (Feldman)
      Provides a careful selection of sites for young kids.

  5. Interesting Places for Kids (Savitzky) 12-99

  6. Just 4 Kids Adventures (North Suburban Library System)

  7. Just for Kids (PBS Kids)
      Provides games and links to TV show characters.

  8. Kids Korner 2-00

  9. Kids Web - Digital Library for Schoolkids

  10. SafeSurf's Recommended Education Sites (Kidswave)

  11. Sites for Kids - Black Hole Gang (Kramer and Torrey)
      Provides suggestions for good sites to visit from four kids and a dog.

  12. The Kids on the Web

  13. Web Playground
      Provides games and activities for kids.

  1. Ecards for Kids (
      Provides ecards that children can send to each other. 6-03

  1. Self-Help for Kids (Free Spirit Publishing)
      Provides suggestions on issues that kids encounter, such as bullies and violations of privacy by parents.

  1. News Stories (Galaxy Weekly Reader) for Kids

  1. Activities for Learning and Fun (Squigly's Playhouse)
      Provides coloring, word puzzles, crafts, games, and more. 12-00

  2. Arts and Crafts for Younger Kids

  3. CyberRecess (Sympatico)
      Provides "Genius at Work," "Mathemagic," "Wired Goose Chase," and more.

  4. Developmental Games for Children Ages 1 - 9 (American Psychological Association - KidsPsych)
      Provides nine developmental games to teach basic concepts and to promote interaction with parents. Requires Shockwave software (available for free from the site). Loads slowly.

  5. Faces (Gilbert)
      Allows you to combine faces of famous people to make new faces.

  6. Games and Activities for Fun (King Elementary - DeWitt)

  7. Just for Fun Activities (Berit)

  8. Sign Language (Funschool)
      Provides a game for teaching sign language. Each letter is shown with the related hand sign when it is selected. The game includes attempting to guess the letters of a two word puzzle that shows the hand sign, but not the letter.

  1. Color and Cut Out (
      Provides beautiful items, such as snowflakes, to color and then cut out. 4-04

  2. Coloring Books ( - Enev Design & Consulting)
      Provides 13 printable coloring books from the Ghost Forest book. Uses PDF format.

  3. Coloring Books (The Crayon House)
      Provides printable coloring books.

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